Piet Van Waarde

Pastor. Author. Friend.
Everybody needs a pastor. After four decades in ministry, Piet Van Waarde has made it his mission and purpose to walk the path of life with people—to encourage, support, equip and inspire. Regardless of the context, Piet has always taken a personal and practical approach to his coaching, teaching and writing, with a focus on helping people wisely take the next step in their personal journey.


Pastor. Author. Friend.


With Masters degrees in Theology and Business Administration, Piet is able to address complex challenges from a unique and creative perspective. He presently serves as the Campus Pastor for Shoreline Hutto and the Executive Pastor of Groups and Leadership Development for Shoreline Austin.



Learn more about or order Piet's two books: Unsettled and Building Teams that L.A.S.T.

Piet's Ponderings

Blog reflections on all matters of personal, theological, or cultural significance.


Conversations with various people of interest on a wide variety of topics posted to YouTube.

Piet's Pics

A Facebook community combining poetry, prayer and photography. Join in for the fun!

Shoreline Hutto

Join Us!

Piet is the Campus Paster at Shoreline Hutto. Shoreline Hutto was formally launched in January 2020 and presently meets at Hutto Middle School at 10am. Our mission is to extend the love of Christ to the Hutto/Taylor area by helping people Know God, Find Life and Make a Difference. Everyone is welcome!



Join us Sundays at Hutton Middle School at 10am or online at 9:30 or 11:15 here.

Small Groups

If you are interested in connecting to our mens, womens, or youth groups, learn more here.

Spiritual Growth

New to the Christian journey? Want to grow in your relationship with God? Email Piet to learn more at piet.vanwaarde@shoreline.net

Learn About Shoreline

Shoreline is a network of churches throughout central Texas. Visit Shoreline.net to learn more about our core values.

Speaker & Consultant, SideWalk LLC

About SideWalk

Piet is also the founder and president of SideWalk Consulting. He has taught at the University of Missouri Graduate School of Business on team-building and leadership development. He has consulted firms such as State Farm Insurance, Image Technologies, Boone County National Bank, Veterans United and University Hospital on issues related to organizational and personnel development. Piet has also spoken at multiple professional associations including the Missouri State Sheriff's Association, School Nutritionist's Association, and Griffith's Leadership Society Conference. He is also a regular guest lecturer for Lead Academy and Cliff College in the UK.

"Piet has an extraordinary gift—his approach renders the message easily understood with a lift of inspiration. He's a superstar in my book." ~Greg Steinhoff, President of Strategic Operations at Veterans United

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