Retirement speech

Whenever you go on vacation and come back with your tan and Tommy Bahama shirt, the first question most of your friends will ask is, “So… What was the best part of your vacation?” OR “What was your favorite experience?” And then you have to share that same answer for the next 2-3 days to everyone who asks. In fact, … Read More

Step Up…

Happy New Year! This past weekend, I gave my last talk at a church I have served for 22 years. It was an emotional day. But, as I was getting ready to work on this week’s blog, I realized that what I shared with the church, might have equal relevance for you as you think about what might be next … Read More

Love through Touch

One of the great privileges of being a pastor is that you get to be a part of some very personal and sometimes very emotional times in people’s lives.  I have had the chance to dedicate many people’s children to the Lord.  I have had a front row seat at many people’s baptism services (where they make a public professions … Read More

Love through Gifts

I am sure you have been asked this question many times already: “Are you ready for Christmas?” And the question, of course, is about whether or not you have purchased all the gifts needed for the friends and family on your gift list.  But, today, I want to ask that same question from a slightly different angle.  Are your ready … Read More

Love through Time

What we have been exploring in this series of blogs is that if God so loved the world to send his one and only son, then that love would be seen through all five love languages (note Gary Chapman’s book).  We have already looked at service and words, and today we will explore this idea of quality time. I think … Read More

Love through Words

Kelly Clarkson sang a song on American Idol last season that became an absolutely holy moment. I know that sounds like an oxymoron (holy moment and American Idol), but that is exactly what it was. And anybody who saw it that night would have had to agree it was exactly that. One of the reasons I say it that way, … Read More

Love through Service

Gary Chapman wrote a book a number of years ago entitled the Five Love Languages. In it he makes the point that we all have essentially five ways in which we prefer to give/receive love. Part of what he diagnosed is that sometimes friends, families and couples have trouble experiencing love from the people that matter to them, because the … Read More