Speaking Topics

Piet’s reputation as a speaker is built on his ability to explore difficult topics with tremendous vulnerability and authenticity. He is a teacher and storyteller with the ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with actionable strategies to enact behavioral change.

Team Building

It seems everyone is talking about team-building. It’s the sexy topic in business and non-profit worlds alike. But, what does it take to build a great team? It takes more than motivation and hype. It involves understanding the practices that are unique to teams. What are they and how to do they work?

Conflict Resolution

Most people hate conflict and therefore avoid it. But, what if there was a way to approach conflict that made it less intimidating? How do you begin a hard conversation? How do you frame the concerns? Is there really a way to get to win-win? Piet addresses all these questions and paves the way for conflict to be productive and not destructive.

Leadership Development

The question isn’t so much are leaders born or made, but can anyone add leadership skills to their personal toolbox? Piet provides a creative perspective on leadership – with a plan for skill-development that make the next steps obvious and clear.

Family Life

It has been said that the greatest heartache and joy in life comes through marriage and family. Piet and his wife Carol have led pre-marital classes for 30 years and raised three children of their own. They can provide both practical help and insightful strategies for how to build strong marriages and families. Perfect for retreats and marriage enrichment emphases – particularly applicable in faith-based contexts.

Personal Growth

We don’t really understand change until we try to change ourselves. Yet, everything hinges on who we are and what we can bring to the table in terms of our character and personal motivation. How do we actually change for the better? How do we avoid the inevitable starts/stops when it comes to relationships, health and fitness, and professional development? As a pastor and consultant, Piet has been helping people change for years. Let him help you or your team as a coach to a better life.