“Piet is someone who will always captivate his audience by delivering a talk that leaves a lasting impression. He has a unique ability to weave his own personal experience that always hit home. I have hired a variety of speakers for my business over the years and Piet is as good as it gets!”Van Allen, President, Hire Connections
“Piet Van Waarde is simply the best at what he does. His meticulous preparation and relaxed presentation make his message a meaningful, enjoyable experience that is uplifting and relevant. The art of using humor and thought provoking subject matter is truly his gift. Piet’s communication skills and delivery are the very best – none better.”Wally Bley, Attorney, Bley and Evans LC
“Piet has an unparalleled ability to truly keep the attention of his audiences. His unique brand of humor and story-telling, coupled with delivering the intended message, has made him a rare commodity in the speaking community.”Kevin Adam, President, Financial Forward
“Every time I hear Piet speak there’s an immense amount of depth, authenticity and hope.”Earl McClellan, Sr. Pastor, Shoreline Dallas
“I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Piet on several training opportunities. One was related to leadership development and the other team-building. I have been responsible for many such sessions and Piet’s were not only the most well-attended, but the most fruitful in terms of changed practices thereafter. I definitely look forward to working with Piet again in the future.”Kerri Roberts, Director of Human Resources, University of Missouri
“I have known Piet for 20 years and have appreciated his ability as a communicator. His passion for leadership was extremely helpful for our team to grow in their effectiveness and ability to execute.”Bill Fretwell, Area Leader, Edward Jones
“Pieter Van Waarde was an amazing speaker at University of Missouri’s Griffiths Leadership Society’s spring conference. He was able to set the stage for our “Lead Where You Are” conference theme. Pieter really connected to the audience of 200 women by using humor, personal stories, and well researched content to speak on the stages of true leadership. His message was referred to throughout the conference by other speakers. Pieter is a dynamic speaker that I look forward to working with in the near future!”Keri Stuart, Programming Chair, Griffith's Leadership Society
“God has gifted Piet with the treasured skill of presenting the truth of scripture in a way that is highly applicable to my life. It has inspired me to exercise my faith and grow spiritually. I am forever grateful to have sat under his teaching for more than a decade.”David Perkin, Founder, Perkin Foundation
“Piet has a way of inviting you into his conversation with God. He uses his eloquence and exceptional insight to take his audience safely on a spiritual journey that causes them to drop their defenses and respond to the gospel.”Barry Farah, CEO of Precocity, Colorado Springs, CO
“What sets Piet apart is his ability to provide specific actionable steps without being trite or simplistic. He keeps the audience engaged with humor and personal reflections and always brings great insight. But, beyond the well-delivered information, everyone will leave knowing exactly what they need to do to get more of what he described. Emotional connection is significant but application is even more so and Piet absolutely delivers…every.single.time.”Crystal Rodenbaugh, Owner, Tenfold Counseling Group LLC
“Piet consulted with me and Flat Branch Home Loans to help review and provide input on our annual meeting presentations. He was all around excellent… Timely, affordable, and easy to communicate with. The insights he provided will help myself and my organization for many years to come.”Jim Yankee, CEO Flatbranch Home Loans Inc.
“Piet has an extraordinary gift – his approach renders the message easily understood with a lift of inspiration. He is a superstar in my book.”Greg Steinhoff, President of Strategic Operations at Veterans United